Family Activities

HKMCD Education Programmes (July to September 2017)

Tel: 2569 1429

Let's Make a Model

Item Date Time Venue Quota

Saracen Mark II Armoured Personnel Carrier Model-makingBrennan Torpedo Model-making

2/7、13/8(Sun) 3 – 4pm










Children's Corner, MCD










15 pairs
(accompanied by parent is required for children under 10)

Brennan Torpedo Model-making
16/7、27/8(Sun) 3 – 4pm

Nemesis Warship Model-making

30/7、3/9(Sun) 3 – 4pm

Guangdong Warship Model-Making

5/8(Sat)、10/9(Sun) 3 – 4pm

Comet Mark I Tank Model-Making
Guangdong Warship Model-Making

19/8(Sat) 3 – 4:30pm

Wannianqing Warship Model-making

17/9(Sun) 3 – 4pm

Registration starts on the spot 15 minutes before the activities commence.
First come, first served. Participation is free.