Historical Trail

Photo of Architectural Features

Historical Trail6 Inch BL Disappearing Guns 6 Inch BL Disappearing Guns Ammunition Stores North Caponier South Caponier Ditch Central Battery Ruined Structure West Caponier West Battery Water Tank and Oil Store The Brennan Torpedo Station Lei Yue Mun Pass Battery The Gunpowder Factory Military Vehicle and Gun Display Area

The strategic importance of Lei Yue Mun, as the entrance to the inner harbour of Hong Kong, is obvious. The construction of defence installations was considered in the 1880s to protect Hong Kong from possible threats posed by Russia and France. A redoubt, several batteries, underground magazines and a torpedo station were then built. Lei Yue Mun at this time was considered virtually invulnerable to attack. However, by the First World War, the defensive importance of Lei Yue Mun had declined considerably as a result of the installation of the powerful 9.2 inch breech loading guns at Devil's Peak covering a greater range on the eastern sea approach. These military remains have been restored as a Historical Trail where visitors could appreciate these historical remains and picture the military strength of Lei Yue Mun Fort a hundred years ago.