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1-Minute Muse Fest HK 2017 Recap

Muse Fest HK 2017 offered many fabulous programmes. Here's your chance to quickly recap them! Enjoy~

The most precious things in life are free

Visit the permanent exhibitions of 5 designated museums free of charge. Museums are free but precious.

You fought the Japanese? No way!

This guy always make up stories. Watch this video and see how they saw through his lies!

In search of you I found myself

Unstoppable quests in life… at the end, could he find his ultimate concern?

She complained that I was unable to take her to places

Well, this time someone does take me to new places…

The Hong Kong Story

The permanent exhibition of the Hong Kong Museum of History is now planning for renovation. Join us in redesigning the story of Hong Kong.

Free Admission to LCSD Museums

Appreciate culture and art
Explore the path of history

Animal Party Go Go Go!

Come and join our "Animal Party Go Go Go!" ! Our Animal Ambassadors are going to spread the laughter with loads of whimsical animal mysterious experiences!

Curator's Kitchen

We had a great time exploring North Point community and culture while enjoying a delicious bowl of Fujian-style dumpling prepared by Dr Lesley Lau, Head of Art Promotion Office!

Commentary x Humour = Cartoons before and after the 1911 Revolution

These knife and sword have nothing to do with Chinese Kung Fu but they are for braid cut instead!

Jockey Club "Museum of Art on Wheels" Outreach Learning Programme

Invite you into an interactive "art laboratory" where you can see how ancient and contemporary artists "transform" subjects of daily life into works of art!

"Bring Me Home - the Story of Hong Kong Culture, Art & Design" souvenir series

Now you can bring special designed museum souvenirs back home to cherish and to savour.

Bruce Lee:Kung Fu‧Art‧Life

More than 600 invaluable items of Bruce Lee memorabilia will be showcased to create an exhibition that looks at Bruce Lee from a more comprehensive, in-depth and independent perspective.

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